Nursing Clothes 101

Nursing Clothes 101

When you're pregnant it can be difficult to think beyond what is happening in the present. You’re thinking about all the equipment, gadgets and essentials you need to get prepared for your new arrival. It's also an expensive time for you and your partner, especially if you’re a first time mama.  So, it's easy to understand how you could forget about about yourself and the things you'll need for your pregnancy and nursing journey. We understand the desire to not miss a trick and want to have absolutely everything perfect and in place for when bub comes along. What many women forget to consider are the little things out there that could make their breastfeeding journey that little bit easier for them and let’s face it, at this stage no-one knows how easy or hard this is supposed to be. After all, there’s only so much reading of books and articles online you can do and yet everyone’s journey is so different! Queue the experts!

We speak with women at all stages of their pregnancy and nursing journey each and every day. We also know how the simple things in life can really make a huge difference to how you feel mentally and physically. The number one thing that most of the women we speak with would say they are thankful that they invested in to make life a little easier with their little one, are good quality, verstaile nursing clothes.

I know what you’re thinking - how can nursing clothes make me feel good about myself? What is it that makes them so different to any other clothes? Well, if you find yourself asking that question let us just give you an insight into this post-pregnancy essential.

We know the prospect of breastfeeding can seem quite daunting, but once you get the hang of it and feel confident enough, you will be breastfeeding everywhere from your house, to your local coffee shop. Did you know that some babies can feed for nearly 12 hours a day! That’s a lot of time with your boobs out! 


So how do nursing clothes actually work?  Why do I NEED them?

Breastfeeding in public can take a bit to get used to. So while you're getting more familiar with your little one's feeding style, nursing clothes can offer a little privacy and help make the experience a bit more discrete. Nursing clothes are designed with a variety of different mechanisms so that you can find the one that works for you. Just imagine trying to feed in regular top, lifting it up from the bottom and exposing you nursing bra, breasts and stomach whilst getting your bub to latch on! You'll probably be left feeling exposed and thinking everyone is staring at your boobs (which of course, they are not!). Count yourself lucky if you’re a nursing mama in Summer, as for those Winter babies - you’re most definitely going to feel the chill!


The Embrace Nursing Top 

Embrace Nursing Top


The iconic Ripe Embrace Top has been a fave with new mums for as long as we can remember. It's simple, chic style is timeless and easy to coordinate with other items in your wardrobe. Choose from the short sleeve, long sleeve or sleeveless version. The Embrace is a winner no matter which season we're in and is available in a variety of classic colours. Simply lift the top cross over layer up for easy, discrete feeding access. The Embrace is also designed to wear through pregnancy, so add this staple to the rotation early and get plenty of wear out of it during and after pregnancy. 

The Zip closure 

Joey Nursing Jumper


Talk about easy - our Joey Nursing Jumper  can be unzipped with one hand while holding bub in the other! This comfy jumper features  maximum nursing access, so if you need to double pump or have been blessed with double trouble then this style will be a life changer for you! 

Button Ups 

Blake Button Up Nightie




Perfect for your hospital stay or 2am feeds at home, the soft and stretchy Blake Button Up Nightie is a great nursing friendly sleepwear option. The snap button provide quick easy access and the button through style means you can get that heart melting skin-on-skin contact with your baby whilst feeding.


The All-Important Nursing Bra

Seamless Nursing Bra



For a wirefree supportive nursing bra, we recommend our Seamless Nursing Bra. This comfy bra layers  perfectly under anything for a beautiful streamlined look and the clip-release dropdown cups are super easy to use whilst juggling your hungry baby.







And for the mamas who aren’t sure at this stage whether they will breastfeed you can be reassured that investing in nursing clothes before you reach that stage is still worthwhile. Since our nursing clothes are designed to wear during and after pregnancy and the nursing access is so discrete, no one would ever know they are even meant for breastfeeding. 

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