How to say “I’m pregnant”

How to say “I’m pregnant”

It is not just creative gender reveals that are all the rage at the moment, but pregnancy announcements too! There will only be a few times that you will get to announce you have a baby on the way, so why not make them memorable?

When should I tell people I am pregnant?

This is very much a personal choice. Some people will wait until after 12 weeks, when they have had the 12-week bloods and ultrasound to confirm baby is growing healthy and strong. Some people announce it much earlier, not able to hold their happy news in. Some people may even wait longer if their pregnancy is deemed high risk, or they wish to wait to find out the gender of their little bub.

Creative ways to say “I am pregnant”

Whether it is telling your partner, your extended family, friends or everyone on social media, here are some creative ways to say, “I’m pregnant”.


Pregnancy announcement for your partner.

If your partner is not there when you see that positive pregnancy test, here are some fun and cute ideas to let them know they are soon going to be a parent!

  • Buy a present, such as a cute little onsie, beanie or booties in his favourite sporting team colours or movie paraphernalia.
  • Gift him a manual, like the “What to expect when expecting” book. See how long it takes your partner to twig to the news.
  • Hide the pregnancy test somewhere he will find it, and film him discovering he is soon to be a dad!
  • Many people love the “bun in the oven” trick – simply place a bun in the oven for your partner to find.

    Check out this great post on Mumtastic to discover more fun ways to tell your partner you are expecting!


    Pregnancy announcement for your family and friends.

    There are so many fun ways you can let your family know that you will soon be welcoming a new life into this world. Again, the timing of this is a personal choice. When you and your partner are ready to announce to the world you are expecting a little bundle of joy (or more) check out these imaginative ways to let people know.

    • Design your own wine or beer bottle labels divulging the good news! Hand them out at a dinner or lunch party and see how long it takes people to read the label and work it out.
    • Gift your parents a little onsie with “Grandmas favourite” or some other cute saying.
    • Use props in photos to create a beautiful, funny or cute pregnancy announcement.
    • Let a sibling break the news! Buy them a t-shirt with the message “I’m going to be a big brother or sister”. You could even use a chalkboard or simply have them hold the ultrasound pictures and take a photo.

    There are so many beautiful, cute and hilarious ways to break the news you are expecting a baby. 


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