Swimwear Care Guide

Caring For Your Swimwear

Designed to be worn through all four trimesters and beyond, our swimwear is the perfect combination of softness and resiliency. Go ahead, dive in, soak up the sun, and let your swimwear (and bump) shine through it all.

Here’s how to look after your swimwear.



We recommend rinsing your swimwear immediately after swimming. This simple act of post-swim care helps to wash away saltwater, chlorine, and other residues that might cling to the fabric.

When washing, we recommend following the washing instructions on the garment care label carefully. Wash by hand wherever possible, in cold water and inside out, using a mild detergent. If machine washing is necessary – and the garment’s care tag allows it – choose a gentle or handwash cycle. Some shades may bleed or transfer when wet.

Do not wring, soak, or bleach.



After washing, lay your swimwear flat to dry in a shady spot. Do not tumble dry and do not leave your swimwear rolled up wet. Ensuring your swimwear is entirely dry before storage prevents unwanted dampness from setting in. Do not iron or dry clean.


Getting The Most Out Of Every Wear

We use the best dyes available, however we cannot guarantee complete colour fastness. Some colours may fade in the sunlight and with high exposure to chlorine. That’s why it’s so important to rinse immediately after wear.

We recommend taking extra care when using fake tanning products and lotions as they may mark or damage your swimwear. Always ensure these products are completely dry before they come in contact with your swimwear.

To remove trapped sand, gently run fingernail over dried swimwear fabric.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause pilling to swimwear.