Knitwear Care Guide

Caring For Your Knitwear

Knitwear is cosy, comfortable, and makes for a key wardrobe staple in cool-weather styling. Our knitwear is crafted from premium natural fabrics. Each piece is unique, and some blends contain synthetic fibres to increase durability, so will require specific care.

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Check the garment care label and follow the washing instructions carefully. Avoid washing your knitwear too often, as it can wear out the fabric, and shorten its life. Instead, refresh by airing in between wears.

Wash by hand wherever possible, in cold water and inside out, using a mild wool detergent. If machine washing is necessary – and the garment’s care tag allows it – choose a gentle or handwash cycle.

Knitwear should never be put in the dryer as it is likely to result in shrinking and pilling. Draw out excess water after washing by rolling your knit in a clean towel, and then dry your knit flat in shade.



Avoid hanging your knitwear. Knitwear should be gently folded and kept flat in drawers or on shelving to maintain form and shape. The best way to keep your knitwear safe once stored is to use a moth-repellent.



Knitwear can be prone to pilling, which is completely normal. Soft and fluffy by nature, knitwear has short fibres that stick out, creating a ‘fuzz’ that tangles up. The very reason why a fluffy yarn looks and feels so beautiful to touch, is also the main contributor to pilling. Simply use a knitwear comb to remove pills, and ensure that you take your time, be gentle, and comb in the direction of the fibres.