Cotton Care Guide

Caring For Cotton

Cotton is versatile, comfortable, and breathable – and best of all, it is a go-to natural fabric. In many of our garments, we use Certified Organic Cotton that has been grown with untreated GMO-free seeds and relies on eco-friendly methods. Your cotton garments are sure to be long-lasting favourites, so long as they are cared for as well as they are loved.

Look after your cottons with our care guides.



Whilst cotton garments are quite durable, you may not need to wash them as much as you think – airing works very well to refresh in between washes.

When washing, check the garment care label and follow the washing instructions carefully. We recommend washing on cold, inside out, and with similar colours. Washing in cold water lessens your carbon footprint and is a better choice for most natural fibres.

Remember to wash delicate cotton items in a laundry bag.

Avoid tumble drying for best results. Line drying cotton items helps to retain the garments shape and prolong its lifespan, meaning more wears and less waste.

Ironing inside out on medium heat or steam will also help to relax the natural fibres.



The best way to keep your cottons stored is with like colours. Avoid storing coloured cotton items with white cotton items.